Music Ensembles large and small! #tbt

The Faculty of Music is wrapping up its academic year and all the large and small ensembles are having their final performances.

Here is a look at various ensemble photos we have in our archives.

UofT Concert Choir, mid-1970s in Walter Hall

UofT Concert Choir with brass choir, March 1975

World Music Ensemble with Prof Jim Kippen, early 2000s

Chamber Orchestra with David Zafer, early 1990s

Wind Symphony in MacMillan Theatre early 1970s photo by Bob Lansdale

Irene Jessner Gala Concert performers in Geiger-Torel Room, November 1986. (Back, from left) Dean Carl Morey, Edward Moroney, Linda Bennett, Patrick Timney, Nancy Hermiston, Bruce Kelly, Mark Dubois, Stephanie Bogle, Roxolana Roslak, John Greer, Jean MacPhail, Martha Collins, Stephen Ralls, William Aide. (front) Teresa Stratas with a seated Irene Jessner.

Wind Symphony conducted by Stephen Chenette at Northwestern University, February 1987

U of T Symphony Orchestra with Conductor David Briskin, 2008

Concert Choir with Brass Choir, March 1975

U of T Concert Band, January 1975 photo by Slim Bent

Jazz quintet in Edward Johnson Building lobby, 1996

Brass choir in rehearsal, early 1970s

U of T Symphony Orchestra with MacMillan Singers performing
Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, conducted by David Briskin, February 2, 2011

Okay, this is not an ensemble but we love this photo of
John Loretan playing an Alphorn, mid-1980s.